Monday, July 21, 2014

Review - Between Henry & Clinton by Francine Richetti


Life has a way of happening 
without notifying you first.

Teo is used to living a life that he inherited; 
a life he thought he was responsible for; 
a life that was brought about by
circumstances out of his control; 
a life he rarely, if ever, talks about.

Teo knows what it feels like to love.
He knows what it means to be depended on.
He knows how to sacrifice.

What he doesn't know, is how to trust,
how to let his guard down, or
how to let himself feel again.

Until, one night, on a stoop in Brooklyn, between Henry and Clinton.

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In celebration of the NYC Author Signing this coming weekend, Francine has put the ebook on sale at the low price of .99 pennies for only a few days. Grab it while you can!


My Two Cents

5 Fabulous Emotional Stars!

A NYC setting, an English teacher and a musician. What more could I possibly ask for in a book!

Being a proud New Yorker (said with that infamous NY accent), I’m drawn to stories that take place in my hometown where I can easily envision the tree-lined streets, houses, and familiar locales along with the city’s bustling movement. Throw in an English teacher (raises hand…undergraduate English major here) and musician (raises hand…always had a thing for guitar players here…oh wait, I married one!) and we have the makings of the PERFECT storyline for me!

A beautiful debut novel by this first time author, BH&C is a touching romance about a broken boy still dealing with the fallout from 9/11 and the girl who gets too close. Teo never lets anybody “in,” always keeping people at arms length. He was upfront from the start with Natalia that he wouldn’t allow her to get close. But there was a strong connection between them that neither could deny. Observing Teo and Natalia’s blossoming “friendship” from the sidelines left a swarm of butterflies fluttering inside me. I was shamelessly rooting for Nat to make her way into Teo’s heart and leave her permanent mark.

Every greeting, meeting, and coffee date left me “squeeing” for more. And then there was Cape Cod. Double, no, TRIPLE SQUEE! Their conversations can be described as nothing less than intelligent and thoughtful. I love how Teo would always pause, taking time to put his thoughts into ideal words before responding to Nat’s questions or statements. And their touches, their kisses, well…electric!

This book was about relationships. While the main storyline focused on Nat and Teo’s relationship, we are also treated to the heartwarming brother/sister relationship between Nat and Joe; the life-long friendship between Nat and Gitte; and the rather hilarious “friends of the opposite sex” relationship between Nat and Chris. Oh, that Chris (clears throat)!

And then there’s Georgette, Nat’s upstairs neighbor. I think I actually have one of those in my neighborhood (snickers). ;)

But Teo is the one who takes our breath away.
“Don't take the mundane for granted Nat. Mundane is comfortable, safe. With so much in this life that is out of our control, a little mundane is nice." 
The past always has a way of haunting us. Teo is still hurting. As is Nat. And then there are the secrets. Secrets that are unintentionally discovered. A twisted, tangled knot of secrets that could so easily be untied if only. If only what, you might ask. Well, you’ll need to read the book to find those answers.

So, now I’ll be adding the subway token charm bracelet to my Alex & Ani collection. If you want to know why, read the book. Even if you don’t want to know why, read the book. Just. Go. Read. The. Book. You won’t be disappointed.


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