Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sale - Lex by S.K. Logsdon

Sale will take place Saturday Morning, through Sunday evening!

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Dear Readers,

All of Mother’s Day Weekend, 50% of all LEX proceeds will be donated to HIV/AIDS Research.

Having a close family member who has lived with this virus for more than half of my life, the HIV/Aids community has become special to me. As does the research foundation surrounding the advancements of medicines and treatments for those who live with it.

Lex may not pertain to those with HIV or Aids status, but it is about accepting who you are, it’s about overcoming all odds and moving forward with your life. This book is about being proud of yourself and those around you who are different or have been through things you can’t even fathom. That is why I choose this book to help raise money for a cause dear to my heart.

I never thought as a child I would be faced with many of things I have, as I am sure many people can say the same. So for that special person in my life, I want to say thank you for being there. Thank you for being who you are, thank you for raising me, and even with your own health struggles, standing in my corner and doing your best.

I love you.


S.K. Logsdon
P.S. Thank you all for showing your support.