Sunday, May 18, 2014

Consumed by Emily Snow

A special message from Emily Snow...
Hey everyone! I know a lot of you have been waiting on a CONSUMED update—for those of you who don’t know, it was temporarily available in January but had to be pulled while a few issues were resolved. I've been working hard on getting it back up, which was the reason behind the WRECKED delay - I wanted CONSUMED to be up for everyone who's waited so patiently before I released another novel. And I appreciate that patience. So. Very. Much. I know that it's been a long wait for this book, but I sincerely thank everyone who has supported the DEVOURED series and Lucas and Sienna’s story.
I found out very, very recently (this week) that I was finally going to be able to put CONSUMED back up, and I hit publish this morning. So far it's LIVE on Amazon, but I also published to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes. As soon as the links go live, I’ll edit this post to update it here, too.  
Once again, thanks guys. You all rock my world. 
(This was asked below, and I wanted to post my answer here too, if you purchased in January there's no need to repurchase). 
Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

So YAY for Emily Snow! Consumed is once again LIVE!

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