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Blog Tour & Giveaway - Lost in Distraction by B.J. Harvey


In the three years after a horrible crime claimed her family, Elise Halliwell has been alone, shut off from the world in a self-imposed emotional exile. She goes through the motions, finishes high school and moves across country to start college and begin the next step in her pre-destined life.

But her exile is dramatically cut short by the entrance of a dark haired, blue-eyed, smirking man who shakes her to the core, achieving what everyone else before him has failed to do, he makes her feel again.

As much as he wishes it were different, fate has not brought Braxton James into Elise’s life, or has it. Brax has to keep her safe from people in her life who have ulterior motives and may want to hurt her.

Elise has no idea the threat she faces, and Brax wants to make sure it stays that way. But as Brax struggles with getting close to her, he begins to live a lie. Unable to resist the pull that is Elise’s bright green eyes, infectious giggle, and loving heart, he finds it impossible to stay away, so the double life of being Elise’s boyfriend and keeping her safe begins.

Full of twists and turns, danger and revelations that no-one could predict, you won’t be the only one lost in distraction.

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About the Author: Having always loved reading, and having been befriended and inspired by some awesome self published authors and book lovers alike, I decided to start writing my first novel, Lost in Distraction in December 2012. It was a conscious decision that started with a song, then the prologue and then catapulted from there. I love music too, like REALLY love music, if there isn't music playing, something is wrong. Out and Proud Vampire Diaries fan as well. 
I'm also a wife, mother, full-time university student and I do contract work for myself from home.
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My View:

Immediately after finishing this book, I sent a FB message to the author. It went something like this: “WOW! Just WOW! I mean, really, WOW! I know I will need to be more coherent when I write my review for the blog tour on Tuesday, but WOW! I just finished reading LiD about 5 minutes ago & I'm sitting here stunned into silence. It was truly amazing! The only thing I don't like...having to wait until September for the 2nd book!” So, yeah, that about says it all, coherent or not!

This was a truly amazing read for me, a well-written, beautiful love story with an ample amount of intrigue and suspense enough to keep me on my toes! I wholeheartedly connected with Brax and Elle. I was able to feel the intensity between them;  the love, lust and passion they possessed. And that’s important for me when I’m reading. If I don’t connect with the characters, it almost always results in just an okay read for me rather than an incredible read.

When we first meet Elle and learn her history, it is truly heart wrenching. The mom in me wanted to reach into my Kindle, hold her and tell her everything will be okay, I’m here for her. I’ll help her. I’ll do anything I possibly can for her. Due to a past heartbreaking tragedy, she completely closed herself off from the world.
I’ve simply been a vessel since then, an empty person ambling though life doing everything that was expected of me.
Existing day by day, she only focused on her studies. Elle had no friends or family in her life, no one she could ever count on, only herself.
I’ve learned that I don’t need hope and that I don’t need love. The only thing I need is to focus on putting one foot in front of the other so I can get through each day.
And then, in walks Brax! A strong, safe haven who works (literally) his way into her life and slowly breaks down all of her walls.
It was unfair that he approached me. He wormed his way into my cold, unforgiving heart and made it warm again. 
My life as I knew it changed the day that I met Brax. I’d never felt such love, my body had never felt such satisfaction, my soul had never felt such passion, and my life and never been so full.
Unbeknownst to Elle, Brax was hired to protect her due to a threat to her personal safety. She was completely unaware of the threat. Brax was posing as a college student who befriended Elle on the first day of class. However, having seen her “file” while prepping for the job, Brax knew there was something special about Elle. 
It feels like something I was born to do, like I am supposed to be her with her. 
When he meets Elle in person, he falls hard! 
Seeing her bright green eyes, I know I’m definitely in trouble now. The overwhelming urge to protect her hits me. I’ve never had a job feel so personal before and right now I’d do it for free.
My job is to get close to her so I can keep her safe, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to stop this from becoming personal.
And so their story begins. It’s a story about knocking down walls and learning to trust again. It’s a story about finding new love and falling deeply. It’s also a story with twists and turns that I honestly did not see coming! At 61% in, I was like, WHOA, I NEVER SAW THAT ONE COMING!

I truly enjoyed every minute detail of this story. The writing flowed beautifully, the romance was heated and passionate, the inner monologues were thoughtful and eye opening, and the suspense was just that, suspenseful! There is quite a cliffhanger and once again, I didn’t see that one coming! The next book is due to be released in September. Like I said earlier, that is the only thing I didn’t like about this book. I’ve never been a very patient person!

Dream Cast:

I didn't take a peek at the author's dream cast before reading but I have to say, this dream cast is spot on for all of the characters in the story!

Elise (Elle) Halliwell

Braxton (Brax) James:


 Uncle Harry

Aunt Sylvia



 The Boss Man

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Lost in Distraction Play List

Ms. Harvey loves music and if you do too, you might want to listen to this fabulous play list while reading. It's perfect to go along with the story!

3 Doors Down – Here Without You
50 Cent – Candy Shop
Alex Goot – Only Girl (In The World) (feat. Alex Goot)
Amy Stroup – Wait for the Morning
Avril Lavigne – Wish You Were Here
Avril Lavigne – Darlin
BeyoncĂ© feat. Jay-Z – '03 Bonnie & Clyde
Boys Like Girls – Be Your Everything
The Cab – Endlessly
The Cab – La La
Calvin Harris – I Need Your Love
Christina Aguilera – Save Me From Myself
Collective Soul – Run
Dido – Don't Believe In Love
Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me
Ellie Goulding – Figure 8
Enrique Iglesias – Addicted
Fun. – Carry On
Gavin DeGraw – In Love With A Girl
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals – Stars
Ingrid Michaelson – Can't Help Falling In Love - Recorded Live at Daytrotter
Jordin Sparks – No Air duet with Chris Brown
Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side
Labrinth – Beneath Your Beautiful
Lady Antebellum – I Run to You
Leona Lewis – I Got You
Lifehouse – Between The Raindrops
Mads Langer – Beauty Of the Dark
Maroon 5 – Secret
Matt Nathanson – Faster
McFly – Love Is Easy
Michael BublĂ© – Lost
Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)
OneRepublic – Come Home
OneRepublic – Secrets
Pink Floyd For Piano – Comfortably Numb (Piano Version)
Rascal Flatts – Stand (Rascal Flatts)
Sam & Ruby – What Do I Do Now
Sara Bareilles – Gravity
Six60 – Lost
Taylor Swift – Haunted
Train – This Ain't Goodbye
Tyler Ward – Back Home (originally by Gym Class Heroes)
The Ultimate Beatles Cover Band – Got To Get You Into My Life - Originally Performed By the Beatles
The Verve Pipe – Never Let You Down

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