Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Blog Tour & Giveaway - Shattered Grace by K Anne Raines

Seventeen-year-old Grace grows up knowing she’s different, but she always attributed it to a mother who didn’t want her, a father who abandoned her, and a curse that sets her apart. Despite those struggles, her grandfather remained her rock and confidant. Her life irrevocably shatters the day her grandfather dies.

The day of his funeral sets off a chain of events, making Grace question everything she’s ever known to be true, and as a result, who she can truly trust. She inherits his house, part of his money, his Guardian, and something that ties them together. Just before Grace’s 18th birthday, she is thrust into a world she couldn’t fathom existed. She’s been destined for greatness, but at what cost? With eyes now open, she must decide to either be Chosen, or watch those around her suffer the consequences.

Torn between the man who’s come to protect her, and the one sent to destroy her, she teeters on the edge of contemplation…

What does it mean for those she loves….and the rest of mankind?

Shattered Grace by K Anne Raines
Release Date: 02/28/2012
Book Blog Tour Dates: 02/28/2013 – 03/28/2013

Author Pages:

Facebook: Shattered Grace
Facebook Author Page: K Anne Raines
Twitter: @KAnneRaines
GoodreadsShattered Grace
Goodreads Author Page: K Anne Raines


"This next one’s called ‘Killing Man’ by Jack Savoretti.” Darius put the mic back in its stand and the band began a slow, ominous rhythm that shushed the crowd. Darius’ eyes closed as he hung on to the mic like a lifeline.

Grace’s knees trembled. This guy was definitely a danger to the heart. Her mind shot off warning bells to leave. Now. She bit the inside of her cheek, ignoring it, and tightened her fingers around her knees. The melody swam over her, making her shiver. She took in a cursory breath, and struggled to take in another. She should get up now, walk away. But the first line chained her to her seat.

In the haunting timbre of his voice was an outpouring of emotion that completely captivated her heart. Everyone and everything fell away as she sat enslaved, caught up in every word he sang. The song was a crying out of his soul. She felt it as surely as she felt her own heartbeat.

Author Bio:

K Anne Raines is the author of Shattered Grace, book one in the Fallen from Grace Series. She is a Washington State University graduate and the senior accountant at a local firm in her home town. K Anne’s impassioned but regular commitment to chocolate covered raisins inspires creativity at home...where ever the raisins are, there she is with her laptop. A lover of great sushi and other fine food, K Anne prefers coffee in the morning, the right wine in the evening, and her fireplace at all times. A Northwest native, K Anne Raines is the mother of three, cat lover, avid exerciser, and blanket hogger.

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