Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review-Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

OOOO-Yes, Yes, Yes!

Beautiful Bastard begins with a bang & by bang I mean hot biggity bang! So put on your big girl power panties, engage your brain, and get ready for one wild, hot & steamy ride! 

This story should undoubtedly be accompanied by a large fluorescent warning label on the cover. Something along the lines of:

Warning: This book contains highly explosive, panty ripping, f*#@kery! In the words of the Boy Scouts, BE PREPARED!
Reader, beware. There is nothing deep, meaningful or profound about this book. It is truly just an entertaining read that exudes raw chemistry, primal attraction, quite a few ruined panties, and tons of sizzling, sexy fun. And who doesn’t love some sizzling, sexy, fun?! If you’re looking to read something insightful, you won’t find it here. Move on to something else. However, if you’re looking for an escape from everyday stressors and would like a one-way ticket to Fantasy Island, then get comfy and prepare yourself to laugh at the absurdity of it all!

Chloe Mills, strong-willed, independent, ambitious intern and graduate student works for Bennett Ryan, egotistical, perfectionistic, workaholic executive. Oh, and sexy HOT! Did I mention how GORGEOUS he is? Long story short, they HATE each other.  Really, really DESPISE each other.  Or do they?

“My stomach clenched tightly at the thought of him: tall, gorgeous, and entirely evil. He was the most self-righteous, pompous prick I’d ever met.”

“If only he would keep his mouth shut, he’d be perfect. A piece of duct tape would do the trick.”

“How could someone so hot be such a bitch?”
And while Mr. Ryan was very much the arrogant asshole, Ms. Mills definitely gave as good as she got. She was no doormat. In fact, she always quite impressively rose to the occasion.

“I could do this. That bastard had picked the wrong woman to mess with, and I’d be damned if I would let him intimidate me.”
And then it begins. BAM! Four percent in and the steam was already rising. Hot, angry, sizzling, raw sex. In the conference room. Yep! You heard me. Was it truly just lust or was there something more brewing?

“He was waiting for me to stop him; there had been plenty of time for me to shove him away, or simply turn and leave. But I had too many feelings to sort out before I could react. I had never felt this way, and I had never expected to feel this about him. I wanted to slap him, and then pull him up by his shirt and lick his neck.”
Like I said, a very entertaining read. Lots of sex, anger, jealousy, even some very tender moments. Both Chloe and Bennet question their own motives. Why are they doing this? Why can’t they stop? You know what they say, “There’s a very thin line between love and hate.” Well, this book certainly provides us with an example of just that. Because then there’s the pivotal turning point.

 “I knew I was slipping. My walls were falling around me but I didn't care."

“I was getting angrier by the second; at myself for being weak and letting my emotions get out of hand, again, and at her for having this f*#@ing inexplicable hold on me.”
The alternating points of view were ingenious as I loved getting into the heads of both characters and experiencing their outlooks on the situation as it was unfolding.

Let it be known that I did read the original Fan Fiction version of this story and there are some differences. As usual, I don’t want to post any spoilers, so if you’re curious, you know what to do. I will say, however, some of the changes I loved, others, not so much. There are some parts from the original that I wish the authors included. But overall, this was one intensely hot read. So go, enjoy! And let me know what you think.

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