Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review - Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

5 of 5 stars

Alice Clayton has done it again. She has followed up her Redhead series with one helluva Wallbanger! There’s no other possible way for me to describe this story than to say it is so freaking ADORABLE! Yes, ADORABLE! It made my happy & peppy & bursting with love (yeah, I kinda gave myself away there, didn’t I?). I giggled. I tingled. I laughed. I swooned. Then I laughed some more! I couldn’t put it down. I hugged my Kindle. I almost kissed my Kindle (but I did control myself). I might just name my Kindle Simon. I hated putting this book down but when it came to actually needing toothpicks to hold up my eyelids, I gave in to the slumber only because I knew I was certain to see Simon the following day.

To say that Alice is brilliant is putting it mildly. This book had it all. A feisty, loveable and real down-to-earth heroine; the confident, cocky, sexy, swoon-worthy hero; coupled with witty banter, intense build-up, sexual chemistry, oodles of baked goods, and of course steam. Oh, the luscious, luscious steam. Did I mention this book had it all?

Now, I am not an animal lover (sorry, don’t mean to offend any animal lovers), especially cats. But Clive, I think I love you! If my husband & kids weren’t allergic to cats, I’d run out & get me a Clive today! A Clive would greatly enhance my life (not really, but that just sounded good).

Alice, you give such incredibly delightful woo! You are officially without a doubt, my one and only girl crush! I don’t think, I absolutely know for a fact that I love you.

(And I must pay mucho thanks to my ladies over at Kindle Buddies for providing me with a beautiful image to erase Simon Cowell from my head! That really hurt.)

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