Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: The Proposition by Katie Ashley

4 of 5 Stars

I really loved this story; I mean really loved this story! It ranks as another one of my favorite reads of 2012. The concept was quite different from any other romance book I've read recently, which made me fall in love with it even more. A good steamy romance is right up my alley & this definitely met the criteria, although it started more as an "unromance.”
“Here’s my proposition. I offer to father your child, and you in turn, promise to conceive it with me naturally.”
Aidan & Emma had a somewhat unconventional beginning to their relationship. I’m not one to provide a synopsis of the books I review since you can easily find that out for yourself, so just know this, Aidan was the kind of man you love to hate. Hot, sexy, and a bona fide player. Like I said, the kind of man you LOVE to HATE. And the kind of man you just can’t stay away from (at least when you live in the fiction world).

So, you might ask, if I loved this story so much, why not 5 stars? Well, there were just a few nit-picky things that personally bothered me. First off, I liked Emma and I completely understood her reasons for wanting a baby so badly. Many women feel that urge for motherhood. I know I certainly did. But she was only approaching 30. She wasn’t reaching her prime by any means, especially by today’s standards. (I had my first child six days before I turned 33.) Emma was a self sufficient, independent, career-oriented woman but was yet so desperate for a baby. It’s not that far-fetched, I know that, but yet, it made me sad. It’s not what I would want for my own daughters as they approach 30. Then again, if she weren’t so desperate for a baby, then there wouldn’t be story. Additionally, the writing didn’t flow for me. It felt too much like a one-sided conversation, as if I was being told the story, which obviously, I was. But I like when I feel a part of the story, not an outsider looking in but rather being right in the middle of everything.

Putting aside my own nit-pickiness, the concept as well as the characters kept me interested & coming back for more. Therefore, I highly recommend this book, as it was a very entertaining and quick read, not to mention that Aidan was quite HOT. Yep, he’s on the book boyfriend list now.

Overall, the story itself left me feeling very satisfied & definitely wanting more. Oh, did I mention there’s a cliffhanger? Yep, definitely need more! Coming up soon, The Proposal, for your enjoyable reading pleasure.

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