Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's Talk 2012 BBFs

These are the boys that captured my heart in 2012. They clawed their way into my body, soul and mind, sometimes shredding me in two, but always leaving me breathless. They made me toss and turn at night, rendering me restless and sleepless. I walked, talked, worked, shopped, and cared for my family while thinking about them. Throughout my day, they always managed to make an appearance. I couldn't purge them from my head.

They were the bad boys of rock. They were actors. They were professors. They were successful, mega-millionaire CEOs. They were high school or college jocks. They were lost boys. They were players. They were Bastards with a capital B but yet possessed a heart of gold.  They are my 2012 book boyfriends and I am in love with all of them! Thank goodness anything goes in this fictional world that I live in because I could never possibly choose between them!  Who are your 2012 BBFs? Talk to me!

Favorite BBFs of 2012

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