Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review - 10 Nights by Michelle Hughes & Karl Jones

Wow! I think this is the 1st or 2nd time I've given a book only 1 star on Goodreads. This book just wasn't for me, I struggled to finish it. But I'm one of those people who has to try and make it to the very end. I was hating Leah, yet feeling sorry for her at the same time. I found it difficult to buy into the fact that being a 24 year old virgin, she would be that accepting of the situation to which she was exposed. I can understand her being curious, but she had absolutely no interest at all in men or dating prior to above-mentioned situation. And Rhett, he was just an out of control, alpha male Dominant who couldn't deal with real feelings, resulting in him placing Leah in some very undesirable situations. Leah being Leah and wanting to please him, continued to allow him to humiliate her way beyond her comfort zone because of his threats. By the end of the book, I lost what little respect I had, if any, for both characters.

I'm not very knowledgeable regarding the BDSM scene, but from what little I've learned, I was under the impression that the Dominant truly cares for and protects his submissive, making sure she feels safe. And while pushing limits is generally acceptable among both parties, I also thought the purpose of a safe word was to stop when a submissive doesn't feel that safety or protection. However, in this story, Rhett informed Leah if she used her safe word, their so-called relationship (and I use that term loosely) would cease immediately. Rhett didn't appear to me to be a responsible Dominant. Maybe he allowed his confusing feelings for Leah to diminish him in this capacity. But I didn't care for how he treated her throughout her training.

I admit that I'm a smut lover, but I do need loveable characters and  romance with my smut, and this story wasn't the least bit romantic in my opinion, nor was I able to connect with the characters. Like I said, this book just wasn't for me.

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