Monday, October 22, 2012

Review - The Vincent Boys by Abbie Glines

This was a great filler book, if you know what I mean. Having just come off reading one of those books where I constantly obsess over the characters, I needed something simple to read and this was just perfect.  It was one of those light, fluffy, young adult romances just sweet enough for me to enjoy but not continually obsess over.  I was able to put it down so I could go about my day but was eager enough to pick it back up again when I had reading time.

The Vincent Boys seemed a modern day take on Romeo and Juliet with a bit of a Southern twist.  Small town bad boy falls in love with preacher’s seemingly perfect daughter but preacher’s daughter is dating perfect, well-bred football player who just happens to be bad boy’s cousin.  The three characters involved in this love triangle were all best friends once upon a time having known each other since they were little children.  But their friendship changed when Ashton began dating Sawyer and Beau was left standing on the sidelines.

Oh to be 17 again!  NOT!  I found Ashton to be somewhat of a martyr, albeit a sweet martyr. But I had to forgive her.  She was young, in love, and stuck in what seemed like a no win situation.  I mean, if I knew then what I know now, things would have been a lot different back then.  But that’s part of growing up, learning, and maturing.

There were a few good lessons to be learned in this story, although I’m not sure teens or young adults would see it as clearly as us mid-lifers do.  Overall, it was a cute, enjoyable read with some swoon worthy moments that took me on a stroll down memory lane back to my teenage years.  However, a book like this reminds me that those teenage years can stay there, back in the past where they belong.

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