Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review - Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

First there was Edward & I thought, oh my Lord, hot, sexy vampire, yes please!  Then there was Christian & I was thud, dead, completely & irrevocably obsessed!  Gideon utterly wore me out with his overwhelming intensity! Gabriel arrived & he possessed all of my senses. Then there were the two Jacks.  I will never be able to choose between those two. They are forever etched onto my heart like a tattoo.  Jake was the bad boy rock God who swept me off my feet with his passionate soul.  And now, now along comes Ryan, Hollywood heart throb & mega movie star hunk whose humble, sweet, down to earth adorableness has me swooning, gushing, & grinning over & over again.
 Ryan is the sexy, much sought-after, turned mega-movie star overnight with female fans galore.  Taryn is an intelligent, no-nonsense pub owner with a small circle of close friends who had never seen any of Ryan’s movies.  When their paths unexpectedly cross, the sparks begin to fly & so begins their love story full of romance, insecurities, heartache, growth & acceptance.
Love Unscripted is one of those feel-good books.  You know what I’m talking about? I must have had one of those silly, I’m so happy, ridiculous grins plastered on my face while reading more than half of this book because it was just that sweet & fun to read. It made my insides happy. It didn’t matter if I was sitting on my couch, walking on the treadmill, or lying in bed, whenever or wherever I read this book, I was happy, smiling, & feeling oh-so-good!
But even though it was one of those beautiful, feel-good love story’s, there were still quite a few angsty bumps in the road along the way.  I cried more than a few real tears, albeit both sad & happy tears. But watching Ryan & Taryn’s relationship develop & flourish from the beginnings of friendship to lovers was enchanting.  Ryan was just so swooooonnnnnyyyy & very, very patient! He & Taryn were perfect together; it was impossible not to fall deeply in love with both of them.
To sum up, Love Unscripted is a sweet, fun, engrossing read.  Ryan is more than book boyfriend worthy & is now the new addition to my ever-growing book boyfriend list.  Lucky for me, I can have more Ryan immediately.  I’m not done with him yet!  I’m off to begin Love Unrehearsed!  And away I go!

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