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Review - Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber

I love Tina Reber.  I don’t know her but I love her.  And if we were friends our conversations would go something like this:  “Did you see his picture on the cover of yada yada magazine?  Wasn’t he smokin’ hot?  Wanna go to the midnight premiere?  How many times do you think you’re gonna see it?”  And so on and so on and so on...  See, if I were to venture a guess, Tina & I are in lust with the very same delicious actor boy with the beautiful hands & long fingers!  And if that weren’t enough to have in common, she loves to write fiction loosely based on him & I love to read it!  I think we also love to read the same kinds of books.  Tina, can we be friends?  We’d have so much to talk (swoon, gush) about!

To say I loved this much-anticipated sequel to Love Unscripted is not nearly good enough.  Words will not do justice!  I don’t think I could have possibly enjoyed it any more than I did.  Except of course, if Ryan & Taryn were real people & I was Taryn!  Then, yeah, I could have definitely enjoyed it quite a bit more!  This book made my insides all tingly.  It was chock full of the steamy lusciousness surrounding their growing relationship.  It’s like Tina wrote Love Unscripted, read a certain yummy trilogy (which shall remain nameless), then wrote Love Unrehearsed & turned it up about 10 notches or more!  And that makes her a buddy in my book! 

Love Unrehearsed was like Love Unscripted on steroids.  I mean, it was that good!  Ask my bus stop ladies about how I flipped out over this book.  I’m sure they would be glad to tell.  One friend (and you know who you are) wrote on my FB wall asking where I was.  She went to the gym, ran some errands, came home and still didn’t see my car in my driveway.  I was still at the gym on the treadmill reading my Kindle for I don’t know how long.  I was so wrapped up in Ryan and Taryn’s world that I lost complete track of time.  She commented that I needed to put down the Kindle & step away.  Nuh uh! No way! Not happening!

LU2 picks up pretty much where LU1 left off.  The relationship between mega movie star Ryan and small town pub owner Taryn continues to heat up as the couple adjust to life on the road as well as Ryan’s fandom and lack of privacy.  In LU2, we get a glimpse of a more possessive, controlling, dominant Ryan, the alpha male movie star Ryan.  His confidence is growing, both in his relationship with Taryn as well as with his acting career.  

“Believe me, woman, I’m far from drunk. I’m going to take my good ol’ time with you,” he whispered, his lips brushing my ear. “Use the sheets to tie your little smart ass to the bed. Punish you for doubting me.”

Is it getting hot in here, or what? Of course, there’s more to this conversation but you’ll just have to read it for yourself.

I love the Ryan that has no qualms about telling Taryn exactly how it is.

“Where’s your purse?” he growled, shoving things around to look for it.
“What do you want it for?” I moved my coat to get it.
“Because now you’ve pissed me off.” He grabbed the small bag from my hand and yanked on the zipper. Then he slipped my credit card out and examined it.
“This,” he said, holding it up, “is mine now. It doesn’t exist.” He looked at the other card, which was our joint card, and shoved it back in its slot.
“Wait, stop-“
He grabbed his wallet out of his jeans pocket and confiscated my card. “I don’t give a shit if you need it to put gas in your f*cking car; you use our card from now.”
He was being ridiculous. I held out my hand. “Come on. Just give it back.”
He shoved his wallet back in his pocket and glared at me. “Do you want to wear that ring?”
“What?” I looked at my hand.
Do you want to be my wife, yes or no?”
Now he was scaring me. “Of course I want to be your wife, but th-“
“No buts. It’s a yes-or-no question, Taryn.”
I squared my shoulders. “Yes.”
“Yes, what”
Gah. “Yes, I want to be your wife.”
“Good, Then get over your shit. Got me?”
“Ryan, you know I-“
“Got me?” He yelled louder. “I’m not playing this game anymore, Tar. All this bullshit provides for one hell of a lifestyle so deal with it. I provide. I take care of what’s mine. And if you even so much as breathe on my wallet to get your card so help me God I will tie your ass up, lock you in a f*cking room, and play Guns N’ Roses on endless loop.”
I gasped. Now he was fighting dirty. “You wouldn’t…”
“Oh no? Try me.”
“You can’t take my cr-“
“Oh no? ‘Welcome to the jungle, baby.’ Over and over again. That what you want?”
I rubbed a fingertip over my cracked lip, cringing. “No.”

Um, yes sir, I’ll use your credit card from now on!

Taryn grows into letting Ryan protect her and keep her safe, and she does the same for him.  She’s his safe haven, away from the crazy spotlight. He’s her home and family now.  They learn to work through many of their issues by communicating with each other. Their charming back and forth banter is full of affection and so much fun to read.  That grin was plastered on my face once again.

Ryan still has his down fall moments though.  Lucky for him Taryn is there to pick him back up again.  Their love for each other is still filled with insecurities but it’s strong and unconditional. I love Taryn, the strong, independent woman who refuses to let Ryan give up on himself.  She’s a fighter through and through.

“Fight with me,” I breathed on his lips, which seemed to refuse me passion. “Please, baby. I can’t do this without you. I need you. I need you.”

His jaw tensed as the pain he’d been holding in so tightly finally cracked. A soft sob slid up his throat. “I’m so tired, Taryn,” he croaked, his voice stuttering from trying to keep it in check. But the hurt had nowhere else to go except out. “So tired.
All I do is bring us pain.”

A tear slid down his cheek. And then another. I knew it was killing him to show me this much weakness but it all needed to be purged, excised from his system like a soul-sucking demon. Seeing him cry was my undoing. He’d finally succumbed to the pressure and that made me mad.

“No you do not! You are the love of my life and my best friend! No matter what life throws at us, we take the good with the bad, Ryan-the good with the bad. We roll with it because that’s how we roll”

As you can see, just like in LU1, this book has its silly grin moments, tear-filled moments, feel-good moments, FIRE-HOT moments, and perfectly swoony moments.  Throw in a little ex-boyfriend action (no, I don’t mean that kind of action), a shocking secret from Taryn’s past, guest appearances by Ian & Zac, & you have the makings of a remarkable story!

Oh, that Ryan really knows how to romance his woman!  He is sheer PERFECTION! I miss him already and crave so much more!  I feel a re-read coming on sometime in the future.  Tina, you are the bomb! Thank you for sharing Ryan and Taryn’s story with us.  Another awesome 5+ star book!

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