Saturday, August 11, 2012

Play-lists Inspired by Books

As I find myself reading more and more these days, I also find myself creating play-lists to remind me of specific books.  Some authors have kindly provided us with their music of choice on blogs or YouTube that were inspirational while writing their stories.  Others have included specific song titles in the books which I can now gratefully highlight on my Kindle.  Then there are those songs that just bring to mind a certain story or specific character and I think to myself, "Wow, that song is simply perfect for Christian and Ana, or Jack and Grace, or Jack and Lexi, or Gideon and Eva, or Gabriel and Julia, or Will and Layken."  A play-list allows me to keep my beloved characters close to my heart since I have tremendous difficulty letting some of them go.  It almost feels as if I'm cheating on them when I begin a new book (craziness, right?).  Listening to the music of a book I loved so whole-heartedly lessens that crazy feeling.  So I ask, do you or don't you make book-inspired play-lists?  I'm curious to know.

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