Saturday, May 19, 2012

Revidew - Closer to my Heart by Becky Moore

Luckily, this book was a freebie because I just couldn't quite get into it. I read the entire book, but it never fully made its way into my heart. It's been touted as a "what to read after Fifty Shades" book but I found it didn't even come close to the kind of emotional roller coaster ride I took while reading "Fifty." The story had a tendency to jump around from one thought to another, with the female lead character often going off on tangents at the oddest times. It also lacked any kind of consistency. There were bathroom scenes that in my opinion were quite unnecessary. I was not able to develop any emotional attachment to the characters or connect with them in any way. If there's such a thing as a book being too descriptive, this book would easily fall into that category. I prefer books where I can connect easily with the characters and experience a gamut of emotions while reading. This book didn't do that for me. It just wasn't my kind of story.

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