Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let's Talk Twilight (my newest addiction)

Mid-life crisis aside, I’m a late bloomer.  Always have been, always will be.  So what happens when you cross a “late bloomer” with a woman approaching her 5th decade and The Twilight Saga?

Voila!  You get me!  A brand new Twilight Saga obsessed fanatic who fell “unconditionally and irrevocably” in love with not only the “sensitive and smoldering vamp” (as one friend put it) but the whole vamp family, not to mention some werewolves as a side dish!

It all started on Monday, August 15, 2011.  The kids were away on vacation with my parents, my husband took some time off of work to fix our kitchen ceiling, & I was roaming the aisles of the public library looking for movies to watch.  I so rarely go to the movies these days & there were oodles of DVD’s to choose from.  What to choose, what to watch?  We would have the TV all to ourselves every evening for a whole week!  Haven’t had that opportunity in the past 14 years!

I grabbed a few DVDs that I wanted to see.  As I approached the “T” section, Twilight caught my eye.  The library certainly had more than their fair share of copies.  Should I, shouldn’t I?  Oh…what the heck?  I can always shut it off.  Maybe we won’t even get to it.  My husband (the movie connoisseur) already saw it quite some ago and told me he didn’t like it.  Not enough action.  Now, there’s a man for ya!

Fast forward to Monday evening.  I was doing my usual evening multitasking, playing around on the laptop while watching TV.  What movie should we watch?  Might as well see what all the Twilight hoopla has been about.  Ben (the husband) said he’d watch with me even though he didn’t care for it the first time around.  And so it begins.

I commented after a bit…Robert Pattinson.  I just don’t get it.  What’s the big deal?  Taylor Lautner.  Cute kid.  Shark Boy, right?  Kristen Stewart.  Pretty girl, good actress.  What else has she been in?  Chuckle, chuckle as Edward looks at Bella with daggers in his eyes.  He couldn’t get far enough away from her.  Typical male!  Charlie.  Gotta love him!  Carlisle.  WOW!  He was smooth!  And when he spoke…what a voice (lucky girl, that Jennie Garth)!  Esme.  The perfect loving wife and mother that we all want to be.  Jasper & Emmett.  Well, need I say more?  Adorable Alice.  Love her sense of style!  And Rosalie.  Her sour moods reminded me of my own teenage daughter.

And then…the chemistry between Edward and Bella began working its magic.  I shut down my laptop.  I needed to pay more attention.  Was that MY heart beating so fast?  Capturing and remembering that momentous feeling of first love (way back when).  Oh, how Edward looks at Bella.  Wow…I remember those days (again…way back when).  Hmmm…Robert Pattinson aka Edward.  I think I’m beginning to get it.  Yep!  By the end of the movie, I definitely got it!  Twilight Fever!

Watched all the extra features & barely slept that night.  I couldn’t get to the library fast enough the next day.  I checked out the New Moon and Eclipse DVD’s (do I need to even mention Jacob’s growth spurt?) as well as the Twilight book.  Ben and I watched the next two movies the following two nights and I think he even enjoyed them a little bit more than the first…just a little bit (there was more action).  I finished reading Twilight in two days, then went back to the library for the New Moon and Eclipse books and finished reading each of them in two days as well.  I didn’t even know about Breaking Dawn until I started my obsessive internet search for Twilight websites.  When I went back to the library for Breaking Dawn, it wasn’t there.  Oh No!  What was I going to do?

A thought occurred to me…I remembered a friend telling me a few years ago that the Twilight books were amazing.  At the time I said, “Yeah, I don’t know…just not that into the whole vampire thing.  It’s for teenagers!”  She assured me I would love it.  But instead I began reading every Jodi Picoult book that I could get my hand on, plus a few others in between (Anita Shreve, Nicholas Sparks, and et. al.)  What was I thinking?  Janet must have that book!  Needless to say, after emailing her, the book was in my hands.  Breaking Dawn took a bit longer for me to read.  After all, the kids were home from vacation, school was starting soon, and Hurricane Irene preparations were taking place.  But still, I was finished within two weeks and swiftly began going through what is commonly known as Twilight withdrawal.  That is, until I found Stephenie Meyer’s website and learned about Midnight Sun.  Oh my…finished reading that unfinished draft quite quickly.  Even better story told from Edward’s point of view.  I sure hope she decides to finish it someday.  I can visualize the movie right now…

After exhaustive internet searches and reading everything and anything Twilight-related (not to mention watching loads of You Tube clips of the stars on various talk shows), I started carefully questioning some friends…did you ever see the Twilight movies?  Did you ever read the books?  What did you think?  Much to my pleasant surprise, I found quite a few friends who were fans.  Whew!  I can come out of the closet.  At least I’m not the only crazy mother who’s been obsessing over these books and movies that are for teenage girls.  And even more pleasantly to my surprise, there’s actually a Twilight Moms website (among many, many, many others).  Oh, thank goodness there are more like me!  I am not alone in my Twilight happy place.

So…what is the attraction for us older women?  It’s really very simple.  We remember what it was like to be young and so very much in love.  Ahhh…the romance of it all.  And after years of working and mothering, we need to sometimes go back to that happy place, when we were young and pretty and oh so in love.  Would I give up everything I have now to go back even for just one day?  No, absolutely NOT!  But escaping into my Twilight happy place while reading or watching one of the movies helps me to relive those moments from my past and appreciate my present moments even more. 

I’m counting down the days until the movie premiere of Breaking Dawn, Part I, which by the way is the day before my birthday.  I’ve been scouting out Twilight friends to go with me.  I cannot think of any other birthday present that I’d rather have this year!  I’m even throwing a Breaking Dawn premiere birthday party event for ladies only!  After all, if I’m experiencing a mid-life crisis, then why not have a little fun with it.  As my friend, MaryEllen commented to me on Facebook, “Embrace it!!! Time to have some fun! Jump in to the deep end!! The water is great!!”

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